Easiest Tattoo Colors to Remove

Tattoo Removal is a pretty straight forward process however the number one question we receive is “which are the easiest tattoo colors to remove?”.  The truth is that not all colors are made equal and certain pigments can make the removal process much more difficult.  With that said we have had success removing all sorts of different color tattoos, it just means that if you’re working with certain tattoo colors it may take a few more sessions to get them removed.

Here’s a quick overview of the easiest tattoo colors to remove and which are the toughest.

#1 – Black

Black is by far the most common tattoo color and also happens to be the easiest, because it’s the darkest possible color pallet, it will fade more easy when we begin the tattoo removal process.  If you have a black tattoo on your next for example, this will be a relatively “easy” tattoo to remove.

#2 – Blue    
This actually depends on the shade of blue used, the darker the shade, the easier the removal process.  If you however have a very light shade of blue pigment in your tattoo this could be a bit more challenging.

#3 – Green
Green is more challenging than both blue and black but is one of the less challenging colors to remove.  Like blue, this depends on the shade of the color as lighter shades of green will be harder to remove than darker shades.

Now that we’re through with the easy colors to remove, it’s time to start going over some of the more challenging ink colors for removal

#4 – Red
Red is a notoriously difficult color to remove, however depending on the shade this can be done in less sessions than other colors.

#5 – Orange
We have arrived at one of the most difficult colors to remove.  Orange with it’s bright profile is always a challenge for removal, bright orange will not fade easily.

#6 – Yellow
Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things you do, I hope your tattoo is not yellow.  Disregarding my terrible joke, yellow tattoos do bring more challenges in removal than other colors

#7 – Pink 
We have reached the hardest removal colors.  Pink is considered by many to be the most challenging tattoo color for removal.  This can be true depending on the skin tone and location but it’s always true that pink is challenging to remove.  Luckily we have some of the best success removing pink tattoos in the industry.

#8 – White
Bright white tattoos really don’t like to fade away, they have a tendency to want to finish their life in their white state.  Many tattoo removal shops consider this to be the hardest removal color, however we have had excellent results in removing whites!

As you can see, depending on the color of your tattoo, it may take some more sessions to get them fully faded.  Luckily you’re on the site of the best Seattle Tattoo Removal clinic and we can definitely help you remove yours regardless of what colors they may contain.

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