How long does tattoo removal take?

The time of the actual process can last between seconds to a couple minutes depending on the size of the tattoo. Consultations normally take up to a half an hour but can also vary.

What is the actual tattoo removal process?

Laser energy is used to break down tattoo ink on the outer layer of your skin. The tattooed area is penetrated harmlessly and the ink breaks down into tiny fragments small enough for your body to absorb naturally thus leaving your skin the way it was before.

Is tattoo removal expensive?

Tattoo removal is less expensive than most people think! Each square inch of tattooed skin is 49$, with discounts beginning at 5 square inches (99$ session minimum) to remove. If you purchase the complete tattoo removal plan up front (with the price estimated by our staff) we offer up to 20% discount. If you are unsure about the size or cost of the removal you may schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We have partnered up with a Financial Institution that will help you finance your treatment. Financing is available upon credit approval by the Financial Institution.

What does a square inch look like?

A postage stamp is one square inch. Six square inches is the size of a business card. A good method for measuring your tattoo is to take a ruler and measure the length and width of your tattoo and multiply those two numbers. If there is an area on your tattoo of empty space (where there is no ink) we do not charge for that area.

Are all colors removable?

It is very rare that a color is NOT removable, although very bright colors such as yellow and white will be challenging. Sometimes a color simply requires more treatment than others. Remember, tattoos fade over time. Therefore, a challenging color post treatment might simply just take longer to fade.

How many treatments do I need to remove my tattoo?

Removal requires multiple treatments. There are certain factors involved in determining the amount of treatment. Using the Kirby-Desai Scale on the website or in the office will help us give you an accurate timeframe for the amount of treatments necessary to remove your unique tattoo.

Is it possible to return sooner than eight weeks?

Laser tattoo removal puts your immune system to work. Part of the process is your body’s natural ability to break down the ink. If you push yourself too hard you may risk scarring or discoloration. The health experts have determined that eight weeks is the safest amount of time to wait between removals.

What about getting just part of a tattoo removed?

Yes, if you only want a certain part of a tattoo taken off and the rest remain the same we can do that. If you want to change the name, for example, inside of a heart on your left arm, no problem. Our lasers are extremely accurate!

Do you offer permanent makeup removal?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer removal for these types of tattoos.
The base of the cosmetic ink is of a metallic base. The laser sometimes interacts with this ink by blackening it even more. If this occurs, it cannot be removed at all. Permanent eye liner is too close to the eye for our lasers.

Can I purchase one treatment at a time?

Yes! However, we offer different packages that might save you money instead.
Buying a package saves you money. You save up to 20% automatically off the total cost of your tattoo removal if you purchase a package for the amount of treatments we fully recommend.
Buying a package saves you time. History has shown us that people who pre-pay are 50% more likely to show up for the appointments. Package buyers tend to be more motivated and get their results faster!

Does this treatment leave a scar?

As long as you comply with the aftercare instructions, your chances of scarring are virtually zero. If you are scarred in any area before the removal it will remain after. Our laser treatment does not remove already existing scars, only ink.

Is tattoo removal painful?

The amount of pain experienced varies. Minimal discomfort is involved, compared to a rubber-band snapping on your skin. We offer anesthetic cream at our clinics to numb the area before treatment. Also, we cool the overlying skin with a skin cooling device. The combination of the numbing cream and cooling helps make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our clients.

What can I do before treatment to help?

First day:

– Use ice compress throughout the day.
– Elevate and rest the treated area.
– Try and avoid exercising, saunas, swimming, and steam rooms.

After the first day and until healed:

– Apply Aloe-Cort cream two times a day for moisturizing.
– Resume all activities other then swimming until fully healed.
– AVOID POPPING BLISTERS or scabs so you do not risk infection or unwanted scarring.
– Remain out of the sun as much as possible until fully healed or cover the treated area if you have to be in the sun.
– Respect the 8 week break between treatments to give your immune system time to rejuvenate.

Are consultations free?

Consultations are free. We need to know what type of health history you may have, your type and age of tattoo, and then one of your certified laser specialists explain to you the procedure for your specific tattoo and answer any questions you may have.

Can minors receive tattoo removal treatment?

If you are under 18 you CAN be treated as long as you have parental consent.

What type of laser is used?

We use the Quanta Q-Plus C. The Quanta Q-Plus C is the only 3 true wave length Q-switched system available anywhere! It can remove full colors while administering greater power and giving you the least adverse reaction possible. Quanta’s beam is unlike other beams. It evenly distributes energy throughout the tissue where as other circular light sources tend to leave scars, blisters, and hot spots.

How does it work if I want to fly in for treatment?

Simply coordinate an arrival time with us and we will arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off at your DIA. It is recommended for you to give yourself 7 hours between time of landing and departure.