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    Tattoo Removal FAQs

    How long does tattoo removal take?

    The time of the actual process can last between seconds to a couple minutes depending on the size of the tattoo. Consultations normally take up to a half an hour but can also vary.

    Is tattoo removal expensive?

    Tattoo removal is less expensive than most people think! Each square inch of tattooed skin is 49$, with discounts beginning at 5 square inches (99$ session minimum) to remove. If you purchase the complete tattoo removal plan up front (with the price estimated by our staff) we offer up to 20% discount. If you are unsure about the size or cost of the removal you may schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

    Do you offer any payment plans?

    We have partnered up with a Financial Institution that will help you finance your treatment. Financing is available upon credit approval by the Financial Institution.

    How many treatments do I need to remove my tattoo?

    Removal requires multiple treatments. There are certain factors involved in determining the amount of treatment. Using the Kirby-Desai Scale on the website or in the office will help us give you an accurate timeframe for the amount of treatments necessary to remove your unique tattoo.

    Is tattoo removal painful?

    The amount of pain experienced varies. Minimal discomfort is involved, compared to a rubber-band snapping on your skin. We offer anesthetic cream at our clinics to numb the area before treatment. Also, we cool the overlying skin with a skin cooling device. The combination of the numbing cream and cooling helps make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our clients.

    Seattle Laser Tattoo Removal Process

    Getting a tattoo is easy, and removing it has just gotten easier with our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal systems.  People change their minds on tattoos all the time and we facilitate that process by removing their unwanted tattoos quickly and effectively.  Here’s a little background into our process:

    Laser, is usually called pencil beam which is a light producing equipment with a higher temperature, together with an optical amplifying technique. This process works through transmitting a small pulse of powerful light over the top of the skin containing the tattoo. Since the area of the skin bearing the tattoo will be darker (because of the tattoo color) compared to the other areas, it attracts more light and heat from the laser thereby causing itself to break into smaller sized pigments. The body will absorb these pigments over the course of usually around 6-8 weeks.

    The actual number of treatment sessions will differ based upon the dimensions and the shades of the tattoo printed. Generally, 2-4 sessions can handle a small black tattoo removal but it only gets more complex depending on the size, placement, coloring, and scarring of the area. Skin color, together with the depth of the tattoo in the skin will impact the treatment technique. Blue and Black ink tattoos are easy to remove and need relatively less number of sessions when compared with tattoos printed using other lighter shades.

    Generally, the procedures outlined below will constitute the laser tattoo removal session.

    1) Defensive eye guards are to be placed on the patient.
    2) The skin’s response to the laser beam is analyzed to determine the most efficient energy for the session.
    3) The therapy itself includes putting a hand piece over the skin and triggering the laser light. As numerous patients explain every pulse feels like the snapping of an elastic band against the skin.
    4) Smaller size tattoos need less pulses whereas bigger ones demand more. Either way, the tattoo needs several sessions for removal. At each session, the tattoo will gradually become lighter.
    5) Right after the session, our cryo-freeze technology applies immediate cold temperature to the area that underwent the treatment. The patient should then apply a mild antibiotic ointment or cream. A skin patch or bandage is utilized to protect the area and are to be similarly be wrapped with a sunscreen whenever exposed to sun.

    If you’re interested in learning more or if you live in Seattle and need your tattoo removed please contact us today for more info.