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October 04, 2016

What would you say if your 13 year old daughter wants to get a tattoo? This question comes up for a lot of parents.  Even for parents who are open minded when it comes to ink, and may have tattoos themselves, it means something different when it comes to your own child wanting to make a decision that is so permanent.  Having a teenager who wants a tattoo most likely brings up some concerns.  

How can you maintain control as a parent over your kid and their decisions?  How young is too young for a teen to make a permanent decision about their body?  Do you forbid?  Do you allow?  No matter where you fall in this spectrum, it’s important that if your teen is considering getting a tattoo that you talk about it.

Here are some of the most common concerns:

My teen is too young to make this decision.

Any parent of a teen who wants a tat is feeling this way!  We’ve all been teenagers ourselves once and can look back on stupid decisions we’ve made.  It’s natural to want to protect your kid from making a mistake or bad decision – especially one that is permanent.  Tattoo removal makes getting a tattoo less permanent these days, but still it’s a decision not to be entered into lightly.  

Part of growing up into adults is branching out and making decisions for themselves.  The decisions start small - like what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to school - but become bigger and usually more complicated as kids get older.  

Most state laws, including Washington state, require a person receiving a  tattoo to be at least 18 years old.  Falling back on the law as a reason to not allow your teen to get a tattoo is a great one. 

My child wants a tattoo for the wrong reasons.

Teenage brains are still developing.  Being impulsive and more apt to engage in risky behavior goes with the territory of being a teen.  If your teen is looking to get a tattoo because all their friends are, to prove their love to their girlfriend/boyfriend, or to rebel against you…well, you might think that’s wrong.  What’s right or wrong in your teen’s opinion may be different than what you or your spouse believe.  Talk with your teen about their reasons for wanting a tattoo.  Their underlying reasons may reveal other issues that should be discussed and worked through.  

I don’t want him/her to get “just any” tattoo or I don’t want my teen to have that tattoo.

Even if you are open to the idea of your teen getting a tattoo, you probably have opinions about what it should or shouldn’t be.  Personal tastes change and what your teen may think is cool now, might not be true in 10 or 20 years.  If it’s possible to persuade your teen to hold off on getting that Hello Kitty tattoo until they are 18, they may decide they don’t want to live with Hello Kitty on their bicep after all. 

I don’t want my child to be exposed to health risks associated with getting a tattoo.

Teens might not think about all the consequences of their actions, including the health risks associated with getting a tattoo.  Communicable diseases such as hepatitis or HIV from dirty needles are a very real and scary risk.  More common are bacterial infections, allergic reactions to the ink, and scarring.  There is a lot still unknown about the ink used in tattoos, which could have potential health risks later in life.  It’s important that your teen understand the potential health risks involved with getting a tattoo.

If your teen is considering getting a tattoo – talk to them.  Whether you are for or against the idea, the subject of getting a tattoo presents an opportunity to have a conversation with your teen.  

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