Sound Tattoo Removal is a specialty offering of the trusted Sound Vascular medical group. With the latest technology for tattoo removal, we help people eliminate unwanted tattoos with fewer treatments and less discomfort than conventional laser tattoo removal centers.

Tattoo removal treatments are performed in a comfortable, spa-like environment. From the moment you walk into Sound Tattoo Removal you will feel completely at ease. Our staff works together to create an atmosphere of relaxation for your treatment. A fully licensed Master Aesthetician administers each tattoo removal session, and because we are a fully licensed medical environment, topical lidocaine application makes each treatment virtually painless.

‎Patty Huesers, Medical Aesthetician

Patty's passion for skin care ignited when she first worked in the cosmetics industry 25 years ago for Estee Lauder, Lancome and Philosophy. She quickly realized that the beauty industry fell short delivering real results that she new were possible.  This realization moved her from cosmetics counter to Medical Esthetics student in 2004,  beginning her quest for clinically based treatments and result oriented skincare. 

 She graduated from Clover Park Technical College as a licensed master esthetician with a certificate in medical esthetics in 2006. She currently specializes in laser physics and dynamics as well as cosmetic chemistry. Continuing education is of utmost importance to her and attends many workshops, seminars and conferences annually to stay informed in a growing industry.

 Patty joined our Sound Tattoo team in September 2015 and the favorite part of her job is delivering results!  There are numerous reasons why people want to remove tattoos. Sometimes it is just because their style changes, other circumstances are riddled with regret or are a painful reminder of a different time in their life. To be able to help people move forward in their life and past whatever their ink represents to them is simply the best job ever.

 Outside of the office you can find her spring/summer at the dog park with her Chug (chihuahua/pug)  Tiggy or on the trails with friends  exploring the beautiful pacific northwest or in winter months ballroom dancing.


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The Most Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal in the Puget Sound Area.

The Sound Tattoo Removal method goes above and beyond typical tattoo removal services in Seattle. In every laser tattoo removal procedure, specialty lasers are applied at a variety of frequencies to tattooed skin. The frequency of the laser breaks up ink molecules beneath the skin’s surface. In the days following a treatment, the broken molecules will be absorbed or shed by the body -- and the tattoo fades.

Typical laser tattoo removal cost often depends on how many treatments are needed to fully dissolve the tattoo. Many Seattle tattoo removal studios are operating with older or outdated lasers. These inefficient models require more sessions to achieve total tattoo removal, which results in a higher cost of tattoo removal over time.

Sound Tattoo Removal uses the most advanced laser in the region, as well as a local or topical anesthetic to numb your skin making treatment virtually painless.


State of the art laser technology means faster results and less discomfort.

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Because we use the most advanced laser available, we can generally complete your tattoo removal in 40% fewer treatments than other providers. The number of treatments depends on your tattoo. Contact us today and tell us about your tattoos. You can even send us a photo. We’ll let you know what it’ll take.

Tattoo ink exists deep below the first layer of skin. In order to reach all of the ink in the skin, multiple treatments are needed to break up the ink in layers. The size, depth, and color of the inked area is also a factor in the number of treatments needed. In your consultation, our Seattle Tattoo Removal Master Aesthetician will be able to give you greater insight as to what your tattoo removal treatments will entail.

Contact us today and tell us about your tattoos. You can even text us a photo. We’ll let you know what it’ll take.

In many cases, yes. However anyone seeking tattoo removal treatments should be aware that there are many factors which will determine the final results of laser tattoo removal treatments.

Get in touch. We'll set up a time to talk, or ask you to text us a photo of your tattoo. We'll work with you to put together an affordable, low-hassle tattoo removal plan so you know what to expect before you begin.

Patients who have received tattoo removal treatments with the Cutera enlighten laser compare the sensation to having a rubber band snapped against their skin. Not bad, right? But even better: Sound Tattoo Removal operates within Sound Vascular under the direction of a Medical Doctor. That means that unlike most tattoo removal centers, we can offer most patients lidocaine, a topical anesthetic to numb your skin. While your tattoo is being removed, you'll barely feel a thing.

Many patients report some redness and swelling. It doesn’t last long, and you can go about your normal work and family life immediately after treatment and throughout the process.


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